Thank you, Holy Father for the Moto Propio Monsignor: "The message of Fatima and hell"
The Traditional Latin High Mass The Traditional Latin High Mass on New Years Day
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About 15 years ago monsignor - at the request of parishioners - began again celebrating on
Sundays the Traditional Latin Mass after he had obtained permission from the Bishop to do so.
The vastly growing attendance was extremely encouraging and obviously a clear sign of true longing for
the Traditional Latin Mass. Even more surprising was the high percentage of young families attending.
Up to his death the numbers of the faithful coming from inside and outside the parish kept growing.
In case monsignor was absent or on a pilgrimage he had always another priest assigned to take his place.
The parishioners simply knew that there would always be a Traditional Latin Mass on Sunday.
In Monsignor's words: "The Traditional Latin Mass made this parish what it is today"