Monsignor, frank duff and the legion of mary


1930 - 2006 Legion of Mary 1889 - 1980
Monsignor Charles T. Moss The Founder of the Legion of Mary in
The producer of the 8 television Interviews The Legion of Mary song Dublin, Ireland on September 7, 1921

As the Spiritual Director of the Allentown Comitium, Monsignor Charles T. Moss flew with four other legionaries to Dublin on August 9, 1979 to videotape one interview with Frank Duff, Founder of the Legion of Mary. During their 3 week stay, they not only recorded on video tape eight interviews of Mr. Duff but also fourteen of his talks. Moreover, they were able to interview nineteen other legionaries for the TV camera.

It was 3 weeks of hard work with long days and little sleep but they enjoyed every minute of it. Throughout the interviews Monsignor operated the camera but when it was all over they asked him to say himself a few words into the camera. It ended kind of comical


The production of these videos
later proved to be a real treasure because a year later Frank at age 91 died in his sleep  in the afternoon of November 7, 1980. Monsignor traveled to Dublin to cover the funeral of which a videotape was prepared.

Archbishop Desmond Connell has accepted and signed the official petition to introduce the
cause for the Beatification of Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary. Then in the late 90's 2 Irish priests approached Monsignor for the tapes which they heard he was keeping. But the quality of the tapes was gone bad and it was decided to copy & edit them first, then to put them on DVD. After more than 1,000 hours of work it paid of in the end. The finished product was sent to Ireland.